Monday, January 18, 2010

Foreplay Facts that Rev Sexual Health

To engage in the sexual act without foreplay is like drinking milked that has soured – it just is not any fun. Foreplay is so named because it is the fun before the excitement peaks. Foreplay is meant to entice, to tease and to build-up to the final act. During foreplay, you should enjoy stimulating your partner to the point they are begging you for more. This is preparing their body, theirs senses and their mind to be fully engaged in the sexual experience. Along with the physical aspects of foreplay, there is also intellectual foreplay. When two individuals connect on an intellectual level, they know they “click” or the opposite, they realize they do not. Here is a look at several parts of foreplay and the various ways you can heighten the sexual experience.

Both men and women are made to enjoy each other. A woman has a body that a man can enjoy. She has curves that you can run your hands over. She is soft as silk to the touch, which makes you want to pulls her close and cuddles her. If you know the places on her body to touch that excite her you can watch, her body follows the pleasure you are bringing her. Talk to her, ask her what she likes and where she wants you to touch her. She will tell you!

A woman’s lips – women love to be kissed and to kiss their partners and many women do not get enough of this during foreplay. When you kiss a woman, it sends electricity through her making her want to be closer and more passionate than you can imagine. When you kiss a woman’s lips every so often, gently kiss her face, checks, nose eyelids and wander back down to her lips. You will like the result. She will tell you when you should move on to other parts of her body.

Her hair –Most woman love to have their hair played with and brushed. They like to feel you run your fingers through it. If you see her sitting and playing with her hair, that would be a clue for you to brush or play with it.

A woman’s fingers and toes – have you ever sucked on her fingers or toes? They are very sensitive and this can be very sensual especially during intercourse.

A woman’s breasts – most men know about the breasts and love to touch them. The only mistake that may occur during foreplay or intercourse is paying so much attention to the breasts that you neglect the woman who is attached to them. It is possible to stimulate the breast to such a point that they become numb and though you may be having a great time she will be laying there waiting for you to move on. Give her the anticipation that you are going to play with her breasts. As you move gently across the breasts to her neck, she will be waiting for you to come back to her breasts.

The small of a woman’s back – the small of her back is very sensitive and has many pressure points where many women carry stress. If you gently massage this area it will feel wonderful to her. She will delight as you gently kiss her throughout the massage of this area.

A woman’s soft spots – now a woman has several areas that are sensitive that you may not have considered but if you find them, she will love you even more.

Behind her knees

Inside of her arms

Inner thighs

Hollow of her neck

Gentle stocking of these areas as well as light kisses are very pleasurable to the woman. Remember also, that gentleness is the key with women.

A woman’s buttocks – grab those cheeks in your hands, squeeze them, and play with them. This releases stress and leaves the woman with the thought that you are making your way to more erogenous zones.

A woman’s G-spot – This area is known to give a woman the most intense pleasure. For a woman, orgasms can have different feelings depending on where they are located and this one is great. The location of the G-spot is mid-way between her cervix and pubic bone. If you insert a finger or two, palm up in her vagina and use a 'come here' motion to stimulate it. During intercourse, the best position to stimulate the G-spot is with the woman on her back. For bonus points, try giving her a "blended orgasm" by aiming for both her G-spot and her clitoris at once. Rear-entry position is best for this.

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